Young British GP rider, Adam Sterry has took the decision to move and live in Holland for the rest of the season and will also work with ex Grand Prix winner Marc de Reuver.

The F&H Racing team signed up Marc De Reuver at the start of the season but he focused on working with Ruben Fernandez and Jed Beaton as Sterry already had Richard-Mike Jones in his corner.

The team have now decided that Sterry will work with De Reuver for the rest of the season and Richard-Mike Jones who has worked with Sterry since he was 6 years old will take a step back but will continue as the manager of the Brit. The RMJ Academy have certainly helped Sterry the rider he has become today so deserve credit in his development.

It’s hoped that working with De Reuver is what can help Sterry go to the next level. De Reuver worked with Pauls Jonass last year and won the title together and has also helped Jed Beaton a lot before he got injured in the UK.

Sterry’s last year in the MX2 World Championship will be next year so he’ll hope to end this season on a high and go into next year feeling confident.

Adam Sterry: “Last week we made the tough decision that for the rest of the year I will live and train in Holland, we decided that at this moment it makes more sense so I can complete my training to its full potential being with my mechanic and working with the team. I wat to thank Rich for everything he does and has done since I was 6 and we will still work very closely together as he will stay as my manager. I look forward to start working this week in Holland with Marc de Reuver and finish the second half of the season strong”.

Marc De Reuver: “I am here for Adam and I love to work under pressure. We make him get what he deserves during the second half of the season man. I am pumped”.

Richard-Mike Jones: “At RMJ Academy we continuously look at what is best for our riders, this has always been the case with Adam for the 15 years I’ve coached him from a six year old. After a really strong preseason, unfortunately Adam picked up an injury and that has impacted his ability to train to the extent we’d like thus far this year. To continue to improve results we’ve made the tough decision that it’s best for Adam to move to Holland to be based with the team, and given proximity it makes sense to work day to day with Marc De Reuver. I have a lot of respect for Marc and know Adam is in great hands. I still have huge belief that Adam belongs competing at the front of GPs, and will stay involved as part of his management team to help all I can in achieving that goal”.

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