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ADAC MX Masters: New championship calendar

ADAC MX Masters: New championship calendar
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The ADAC MX Masters have released a new calendar for the 2020 season after having to cancel the opening round of the series due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The plan is for the series to start on the last weekend of May in Austria at Möggers.

The plan is to round seven rounds of the series during the 2020 season when things get back up and running.

ADAC MX Masters Calendar 2020:

Round 1: May 30-31; Möggers, Austria
Round 2: July 11-12 Holzgerlingen, Germany
Round 3: July 18-19; Tensfeld, Germany (No 85cc)
Round 4: July 25-26; Mölln, Germany (No 85cc)
Round 5: August 29-30; Bielstein, Germany (No 125cc)
Round 6: September 5-6; Furstlich Drehna, Germany
Round 7: September 12-13; Gaildorf, Germany

Pic: Eva Szabadfi

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